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Located in Ballarat, Victoria, Integra has established its credentials as a visionary diversified property developer – creating vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities where people can live, work, play and learn. We create character in places and help them reach their potential. We endeavour to create neighbourhoods and commercial buildings that enhance and evolve our communities.

The experience of our highly qualified in-house team consists of property development professionals boasting skills in civil design, project management, town planning, urban design, landscaping, marketing, sales, conveyancing and administration. This collaborative, team-based approach allows Integra greater control over the development process from acquisition to sales and construction leading to superior development outcomes and returns.

Having delivered over 4,000 homesites around Australia and creating over 20 communities since 1985, our track record speaks for itself.

Our passion and commitment to creating vibrant, sustainable communities solidifies our credentials as a visionary

'place maker'.




Located in the Lucas Town Centre, the state-of-the-art Integra Land Sales Centre presents clients with a comprehensive sales experience, with sales consultants available to provide support during the entire purchasing process.


We are staunchly aware of the important role amenities and facilities play in our communities, therefore Integra facilitates the construction and occupation of appropriate businesses and providers to enhance the level of lifestyle and enjoyment of people living in our communities.