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Acacia williamsonii, more commonly known as Whirrakee wattle, is a native Australian plant that grows almost exclusively in Bendigo, Victoria.

The wattle plant, a species of Acacia, is a small, bushy shrub with bright yellow flowers, that grows up to 2 metres tall and 2 metres wide.

The shrub prefers full sun and well-drained stony gravel or clay loam soil, flowering from Winter to Spring.

Our Viewpoint estate in Huntly, Bendigo, is home to the Whirrakee Wattle. You can find the plant growing in the parks, wetlands, and surrounding forests of the estate.

The Whirralee plays an important role in the identity of Huntly and the Bendigo district. The wattle plants growing there are some of the last in Australia, and the Integra team ensure they preserve as much as possible whilst developing the area.