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Integra is proud to have supported Buninyong Primary School in the 2022 Energy Breakthrough program recently.

The Energy Breakthrough program invites students and teachers to work together to design and build a vehicle that represents a breakthrough in energy technology.

Primary and secondary schools across Australia are encouraged to participate and enter their vehicles or machines in one of six different categories; Energy Efficient Vehicles, Human Powered Vehicles (Primary), Human Powered Vehicles (Secondary), Innovations in Technology, Pushcarts, and Try-athlon.

There are three elements to the program; display and presentation, design and construction, and trials. These assessment stages provide an opportunity for each team of students to demonstrate their knowledge and make improvements to their designs.

Trials were held in Maryborough on November 19, and each school was invited to test drive their vehicles and celebrate the hard work they had put in over the year.

Buninyong Primary School was one of 34 primary schools to compete in the Human Powered Vehicles category this year. Their two vehicles, the Buninyong Bullet and the Buninyong Bomber, were very successful during the trials, achieving the following results:

Buninyong Bullet – 297 Laps, 329.67 km

Buninyong Bomber – 269 Laps, 298.59 km

1 blown tyre (great result), 20 kgs of Gorilla tape used, 2 bike rollovers, 1 great experience!