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The Tenancy Skills Institute is a program designed to teach people the basic skills required to be a good tenant. This includes learning about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, how to communicate with your landlord, how to clean and maintain a property, and how to manage your finances.

The Institute aims to produce a new wave of well-educated tenants, helping to reduce the number of difficulties faced by property managers and agents.

The program is targeted towards:

And best of all, it’s FREE! The course is available online, or face-to-face in select locations.

As one of its first Real Estate Industry Supporters in Ballarat, Integra is promoting the Tenancy Skills program to all of its tenants and offering free classes in its new sate-of-the-art office space in Lucas.

All students receive a certificate upon completion of the course, which can strengthen rental applications and increase your chance of being considered as a potential tenant.

To enrol in the program, visit Tenancy Skills.