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The Lucas Hockey Club formed in 2022 at a time when the sport was seeing growth in Ballarat. Integra became a sponsor of the family-friendly club, which has a strong focus on community and providing participation opportunities for under 8’s to senior teams.

You may have met some of the Lucas Hockey Club players at the Lucas 10 Year Anniversary event in December and some Lucas locals have already signed up to play with the club. Training starts at the start of March, so now is a great time to get involved if you were interested in trying the sport for the first time or returning to it!

We asked club president Jason Hargreaves a few questions about hockey…

What kit do you need to get started?

Players need shin guards, a mouthguard and a stick – all of which are easy to find locally. Those who are new to the game can usually borrow this gear from a more experienced player on the team. Players also need a uniform – this is provided by the Club and is included in players’ fees.

What sets hockey apart from other popular sports?

The great thing about hockey is that it is played in only two locations in Ballarat, both within close proximity to each other, which makes it easy for families with children playing across multiple age groups. Hockey is also a comparatively low cost sport making it attractive to juniors in particular. Being an Olympic sport, it also provides participants with an opportunity to represent Australia on the big stage, and representative opportunities are plentiful. It really is a game for all!

What can someone expect when getting involved in the Lucas Hockey Club?

You will find that Lucas Hockey Club has a number of families where all family members play hockey (we’ve seen plenty of mums, dads, brothers and sisters take up the game because they see the enjoyment the sport provides) and those that don’t play are involved in other aspects of the club from fundraising and organising events to taking on a committee role – it is a really welcoming and friendly community! On the pitch, you will find a club where the way we go about playing the game is as important as the results.