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In 2023 Integra took our partnership with Crazy Ideas College (CIC) to the next level, working with over 150 young people across eight schools in Ballarat. CIC truly believes that young people have the capabilities, confidence and connections to shape the world around them, and so do we. The Social Innovators program provided us with an opportunity to interact with the next generation of thought leaders and strategic thinkers in our community, supporting them in developing fantastic ideas designed at enriching the lives of those around them. In the follow-up Ideas2Life workshop, our staff members were able to work more closely with the student groups, engaging them in productive sessions to help them research, produce and distribute their ideas.

“These kids are absolutely our next generation of thought leaders and strategic thinkers.” – Matt McCabe.

With 15 of these ideas now being brought to life in the community, we can’t wait for everyone to see what the young people of Ballarat are capable of.

To find out more about the program you can visit Crazy Ideas College