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Fiona White (Salvation Army), Matt McCabe (Integra) and Helena Gray (Karinya)
Fiona White (Salvation Army), Matt McCabe (Integra) and Helena Gray (Karinya)

Since 2021, Integra has kick-started the Red Shield Appeal with a $5,000 donation, marking the fourth consecutive year of support totalling $20,000. Integra’s commitment extends beyond financial aid; it aims to raise awareness about homelessness and backs the Salvation Army’s grassroots efforts in Ballarat. The donation will directly benefit local initiatives of the Salvation Army such as school lunch programs, utility assistance, LARF Mentoring and Family Connections programs. Integra takes great pride in championing the appeal locally and commends the relentless efforts of Ballarat Salvation Army officers and volunteers in making these vital programs a reality and real outcomes for people in need.

Integra’s continual dedication to community collaboration has fostered strong ties with impactful local entities like the Salvation Army, BKFA, and The Soup Bus. Through active involvement in City of Ballarat’s Social and Affordable Housing Workshops and backing initiatives like ‘Ballarat, Where Are You Sleeping Tonight?’, a poignant forum on homelessness, Integra’s staff have gleaned invaluable understanding of the intricacies surrounding the homelessness crisis. This insight fuels our commitment to seize opportunities and contribute meaningfully to collective action.

Central to this endeavor is the creation of responsive developments that aligns with market demands. With the construction industry at large striving to accommodate keyworker and affordable housing in accordance with proposed state government legislation, Integra is collaborating closely with local builders to craft housing solutions tailored to these needs. In recent years Integra has been exploring avenues to seamlessly integrate shifts in urban design to accommodate specific housing needs of communities, all while preserving the hallmarks synonymous with Integra developments.

Red Shield Appeal runs until the end of June. We hope others will follow in our fundraising footsteps. Supporting the Red Shield Appeal in Ballarat is a way for businesses and individuals to give back to the greater Ballarat region through local programs.
To contribute, visit Delacombe Salvos Digital Doorknock 2024

Other ways to support…

Donations such as those listed above can be donated to the Salvation Army at 6 Crompton Street Soldiers Hill. Between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday