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"We consistently create vibrant, sustainable projects that suit every need and the lifestyles of all.”

Integra is one of Regional Victoria's leading diversified property developers. Established in 1985, we have over 35 years experience and pride ourselves on creating spaces we would be proud to live and work in ourselves. A multi-generational family business with an enviable reputation built around strong core values, we deliver award-winning residential communities and commercial developments to market with our capacity and experience to deliver projects of any scale and complexity. 

Our vast portfolio of residential, civil and commercial developments across Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne, South West Victoria and Queensland has evolved to be one of consistent quality and industry leading results.

We maintain a proud history and reputation of not just being a property development leader but a strong corporate contributor to the local community.​





Internal capabilities include; Planning, Design, Project Management, Marketing & Sales


Controlling all facets of the process allows Integra the ability to deliver projects more efficiently than the competition.


We maintain majority market share by listening to what the market want & being able to adapt to meet demand.


An admired reputation - setting industry leading standards. The success and scale of our work provide clients with confidence in the result.