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about Juanita

In the heart of the real estate market in Ballarat, Juanita’s name resonates with experience, leadership, and a passion for creating lasting connections. As the newly appointed Senior Property Manager at Integra, Juanita brings over a decade of expertise to the dynamic team, making her mark in an industry that has undergone significant transformations during her career.

Juanita’s journey in the world of real estate began 13 years ago, right here in her hometown of Ballarat. Growing up and completing her high school years in Beaufort. Her initial desire to become a police officer took a detour when Juanita, through connections in the local football club, landed a job as an admin trainee in the real estate sector.

Completing her Agents Representative and Full License on the job, she quickly found herself immersed in the dynamic world of Real Estate in Ballarat. Over the years, Juanita has witnessed the ebb and flow of the real estate landscape in Ballarat. From her early days managing trust accounting for two years before transitioning to property management she has became a prominent figure in the Ballarat real estate scene.

In her previous roles, Juanita managed a large team and oversaw a remarkable threefold increase in listed properties. Her impact on the industry has been significant and now shares her knowledge at industry training seminars.

For Juanita, the best part of her job lies in the ever-evolving nature of customer service. No two days are the same, and she revels in building enduring relationships with clients that span a decade or more. “The relationship built isn’t just with the owners; “I’ve had the privilege of guiding and assisting tenants across various chapters of their lives. There’s an incredible sense of satisfaction in not only finding someone a home but in understanding their evolving needs and aspirations over the years. It’s not uncommon to have the same tenant returning, seeking a new residence that aligns with the shifts in their lifestyle, family size, or preferences.”

Now, as a Senior Property Manager at Integra, Juanita is set to manage a growing portfolio, including commercials. Her excitement about joining Integra stems from the prospect of collaborating with a highly skilled and experienced team.

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