Residential Tenancies Act - New Reforms

May 20, 2021

As reported throughout various media outlets, therehave been new reforms introduced to the Residential Tenancy Act,that came into effect on the 29th March 2021.

Our team is continually completing REIV approved training courses to ensure that everyone (renters, residential rental provider and staff) are aware and compliant with the new requirements.

What do I need to know?

There are 132 changes to the Residential Tenancies Act coming into effect!

  • Rest assured, not all of them will impact you, but be certain that we will be across them and let you know if there’s something you need to do or change.

Some language around the “landlord” will be changing.

  • A landlord will now be known as a “Residential Rental Provider” or RRP.

Rental minimum standards are being implemented

  • Most newer properties already meet minimum standard, but please contact for further clarification.

Prescribed minimum standards will include such items as:

  • Providing a vermin proof rubbish bin
  • A functioning toilet
  • Adequate hot and cold water connections in the kitchen, bathroom & laundry
  • External windows to have functioning latches to secure against external entry
  • A functioning cooktop, oven, sink and food preparation area
  • Functioning heating in the property’s main living area
  • Window coverings to ensure privacy in any room likely to be used as a bedroom or main living area

Compulsory safety related activities

  • This item will affect all RRP’s in some capacity. We will be in touch with all RRP’s to provide further information around this change and to obtain further instruction.
  • Electrical safety checks must be done every two years by a licensed or registered electrician
  • All electrical installations, fittings and appliances provided by the RRP must be checked
  • Gas safety checks must be done every two years by a licensed or registered gasfitter
  • Only applies if the premises contains any appliances, fixtures or fittings which use or supply gas
  • Smoke alarms must be tested according to manufacturer’s instructions every 12 months
  • Any repairs to smoke alarms will now be classified as an urgent repair.

Before entering into a residential rental agreement the RRP will now be required to disclose

  • Any ongoing proposal to sell the property
  • Any ongoing mortgagee action to possess the property
  • That the the RRP has a legal right to let the property (if the RRP is not the property owner)
  • Details of any embedded electricity network
  • Any other prescribed matters such as the presence of asbestos  

This is certainly by no means an exhaustive summary of the changes, but please contact us at any time should you require any further clarification or have any other queries.

We have been working with RRP’s to complete their disclosure agreements and have commenced the safety checks throughout our residential rental portfolio.

Here at Integra Property Management, we look forward to a smooth transition of these changes and look forward to continuing to work with everyone to secure a great outcome.

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