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Viewpoint – Stage E1 (Lots 431-463)

Stage E1 (Lots 431-463)
Anticipated Titles
Estimated timeframe for titles to be issued.
Lots for Developer Approval
Lots in this stage that required purchasers to seek approval from Integra for house plans
submit your plans for developer approval

construction progress

Construction is 100% complete.

stage development progress

construction phase

  • Earthworks: Complete

    Excavation of existing topsoil for future use on the stage. The ground is reshaped to achieve approved surface levels and allow your stage’s construction to commence.

  • Sewer & Drainage: Complete

    This phase includes laying sewer and drainage infrastructure and installing sewer and drainage connections to each lot.

  • Water & Gas: Complete

    This phase includes laying water and gas service pipe infrastructure and connected to each lot.

  • Power & NBN: Complete

    Power and Telecommunications infrastructure is installed and connected to each lot, enabling the supply of power and internet to your future home.

  • Road Pavements: Complete

    Once underground services have been installed, construction of the roads can now be finished off and sealed with asphalt.

  • Footpaths, Kerb & Channel: Complete

    Kerb and channels are essential components of road infrastructure located at the edge of the road; it serves to support the flow of stormwater drainage and prevent water from penetrating the road surface, which assists local councils in maintaining the condition of the road surface and reducing the risk of potholes forming.

  • Topsoiling: Complete

    Topsoil is put back into place on each lot to achieve final surface levels.

  • Construction Complete: Complete

    All construction works are now complete, paving the way for the relevant authorities to begin compliance inspections and audits.

registration phase

  • Compliance Audits: Complete

    The local Council and relevant service authorities conduct audits and inspections on the stage to verify the construction has been completed in accordance with the approved plans.

  • Plan & Title Registration: Complete

    The Plan of Subdivision is officially registered with Land Use Victoria. A Certificate of Title is issued for each lot in the stage.

  • Settlement: Complete

    Once titles have been received, the settlement process can begin.

  • Available for Valuation (Prepare Finance): Complete

  • Available for Soil Testing & Survey: Complete

Integra provides this information to purchasers to indicate the estimated timeframe in which titles will be achieved; however, this is subject to change due to the nature of construction. Delays can occur due to weather, contractor or authority related matters that can arise from time to time.

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